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Let’s get quizzical!

Drop the dumbbells and workout the grey cells with our handy Zoom, Houseparty or FaceTime virtual pub quiz!

Miss heading to your local for the weekly pub quiz? Why not organise a virtual quiz with friends and family. Discover how to organise your very own virtual pub quiz.

Step 1: Pick your preferred video app

There are quite a few options out there. From the crowd favourite Zoom to HouseParty, FaceTime and good ole trusty Skype as well. We have a post on all of them with some pros and cons. 

Choose the quiz master

Each quiz game should nominate a quiz master. Their job is to make sure they research out the questions for the quiz and set up the call with all the teams. 

Setting up your quiz

How you set up your quiz is entirely up to you, but we have put together a few tips that you might find helpful:

  1. We recommend a minimum of 5 – 6 rounds of questions with each round consisting of at least five questions.
  2. Create a break in the middle to catch up or have a bio break!
  3. Enhance your quiz by creating custom graphics via or a slideshow based app like PowerPoint / Google Slides / Apple Keynote. You can screen share your presentation or create a public link to your presentation that everyone can view. 
  4. Since this is a pub quiz, make sure you have your beverage of choice at hand. Do a virtual chug before you start a new round! ?


  • Name your team! Each person or group should come up with a team name. Make it fun and memorable. 
  • After the quiz master announces the question, each team will send their answer to the quiz master via WhatsApp along with their team name.
  • Teams will have to use the honour code. No Googling, Shazaming or Wikipediaing! If someone does cheat lock them out for the next round.
  • The quiz master can tabulate the quiz on a spreadsheet. We suggest creating a collaborative spreadsheet like Google Spreadsheets or AirTable that will also act as a leaderboard. Check out this AirTable link for a reference.

Quiz questions

  • Structure your quiz. Ensure you have the right amount of questions but not too hard or long. No one wants to have a marathon quiz that gets boring. 
  • Break up your quiz round into themes. It could be Music, General Knowledge, Sport, Geography and Film. You could go with the classic multiple-choice approach. 
  • Jazz up your questions with multimedia: 
    • Guess the song: create a 5-second audio file for each track. Play it back from your phone to your laptop mic so that everyone can listen to the song clearly. 
    • Catchphrase: just like the game on the telly, create your catchphrase using emoji characters or any image of your choice.
    • Anagrams: These are great brain teasers. Select words from your theme and scramble the letters. Again use a graphics tool like Canva or PowerPoint to make the anagrams clear.

So go ahead and tell your friends and let the games begin!

By Dinesh Lalvani

Programmer. Designer. Tinkerer. Messer. Entrepreneur. Husband. Father. Love challenges, hate sitting still, trying to make a difference in a small way.

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