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Write an Old-School Letter

How long has it been since you actually wrote a good old-school letter to a friend? No time like the present!

Take a pen to paper and write a letter the old fashioned way. When you are done, take a picture and post that letter to that special someone or on your social channels and remember to tag your friends. #LOTD Letter of the Day


Where to start?

Once you know who the lucky recipient is, you can start writing. If it’s not something that you’ve done in a long time, check out this page for tips on the basics.

Follow these steps

  • Greet the person – address your recipient by their first name or last name, sir/madame
  • Write an introductory sentence – say why you’re writing the letter
  • Write the main body of your letter – elaborate on the main topic in one or two paragraphs.
  • End your letter with one or two sentences, summing up the letter and express your willingness to continue the correspondence. You can also thank your recipient for a favor, prompt reply, etc.
  • Have a suitable ending (relevant to the recipient) – love/yours…, best wishes/regards, to sincerely
  • Sign your name at the end
  • Make sure to read it back to yourself.

Now, take a photo and virtually send it on to the lucky recipient! Job done.

Watch a tutorial

Tips for writing an Informal Letter
Source: YouTube

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