What not to wear when working from home

Dressing up for work from home? There’s a lot of ‘What to wear’ wisdom out there, just not enough ‘What not to wear’.

Working from home, or telecommuting if you please, has united the world’s 9 to 5 legion in most unexpected ways. Even as we sing paeans to the newfound benefits of bringing work home, we are delighted with the oversimplification of wardrobe choice. What to wear for the next client meeting and how to keep up with the well-dressed gang at work won’t matter for a while.

What does matter is everyone with an iota of fashion sense has taken to dispensing WFH wardrobe advice without factoring in local weather, wardrobe diversity and personal choice. We know that pyjamas, sweatpants, T-shirts and shorts are automatic ticks. What we don’t know is what not to wear when working from home. Behold – Failsafe WFH Wardrobe Fails Guide – your ready reckoner for what not to wear when telecommuting, complete with visuals that will make you go ‘thank god that isn’t me’.

It’s okay to not meet your high expectations every now and then. Just don’t let your co-workers and boss find out. And don’t mix office and domestic tasks.

Be advised, less isn’t always more. If conservation of clothing items is your mantra, take care to keep the laptop camera focused above the waist, a la this gentleman.

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Don’t let the style police dictate your WFH style picks.

Unless you’re a lawyer from India who wears a vest for a video conference hearing, only to get a rebuke and an adjourned hearing. We wonder how the judge reacted in the moment? Did he ROFL or give a death stare? The lawyer might know.

Don’t forget to read work email every day unless you want to miss an official wardrobe tip.

The parting shot. The false sense of safe WFH style peddled by all and sundry is one indiscreet moment away from annihilation… should you forget to impose WFH dress code on all occupants of your house, working from home or not.

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