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Shake up that boring Zoom background!

In the last few weeks, thousands of people have taken to Zoom for work and school so why not have a little fun and change up your on screen background.

We all get bored of the same repetitive things day in, day out and with the vast majority of us stuck at home at the moment, a little can really go along way. The video conferencing client Zoom, has become extremely popular in the past 2 months with an added 2.23 million users so far in 2020. So what better way to stand out from the crowd then with a custom background image on your call. It’s really easy to do and will only take 2-3 mins.

Let’s get started.

Step 1:

Launch Zoom and navigate to your profile in the top right of the window.

Step 2:

Click on settings from the drop down menu. From there a new window will open. Then navigate to virtual backgrounds.

Step 3:

Click on the small plus sign right above the gallery of images. Then click add image.

After this a new window will open. Navigate to the location of the file you wish to use. Select it and click open.

And that’s it, now you have your own custom background. You can also experiment with video backgrounds if you’d like to get a little bit more creative. Here’s a video explaining how to make your own custom animated backgrounds.

You can download our free pack of 46 backgrounds here!

By Paul Power

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