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Transform a cardboard box into a puppet theatre

Turn your living room into a live entertainment zone for the kids with a make-at-home puppet theatre.

Did you imagine cardboard for any other purpose apart from boxing appliances and online purchases? There’s more to cardboard than making up the outermost packaging layer. It’s a handy material for craft ideas, and an excellent choice for a puppet theatre.

All you need is a cardboard box, craft supplies, cutting skills and a creative spark to build a stage for kids’ entertainment of the homemade variety.

Here’s what you need

  • Cardboard box
  • Paint, markers and coloured craft paper
  • 2 cloth pieces made from pillowcases, drapes, tablecloth or sheets, to use as curtains (cut one piece into two if it’s big enough)
  • Nylon cord hang curtains
  • Sharp knife or cutter
  • Pencil, ruler or measuring tape
  • Scissors
  • Glue

Making it is easy as 1-2-3…

  1. Take a 24-inch high and 36-inch wide or similar sized cardboard box, and cut it apart so that you have a front, two sides, and a bottom.
  2. Mark a window on the front, roughly 10 inches high and 18 inches wide, and about 10 inches above the bottom.
  3. Lay down the front to cut out the window, and carefully cut with a knife.
  4. Make two curtains about the same width and height as the front. Sew or glue the fabric at the top to create a half-inch loop to hold the nylon cord for stringing the curtain.
  5. Insert the nylon cord through the curtain loop.
  6. To attach the curtains, lay down the front of the theatre
  7. String curtains through the cord, and then pull the cord tight across the width of the front.
  8. Staple the cord to the inside of the window, about half an inch away from the top horizontal edges.  
  9. Paint the outsides of your theatre or stick coloured paper cut exactly to the dimensions of the theatre and window.
  10. Stick, paint or hand draw decorations on all of the outer sides.

It’s not so hard to make your own puppet theatre. Now all you need is a cast of lively sock puppets and you’re all set to put on a show the kids will remember!

Your handiwork will save some cardboard from going to the landfill, but you can do more by way of upcycling something useless into something useful at home. Start with this primer on the benefits of upcycling, see how we made a wish jar at home, transformed a coffee container into useful items, and watch this space for more on upcycling all through this week. is upcycling

This week, we at are in the mood for upcycling. Through June 15 to June 21, we’ll share the virtues of upcycling, help you upcycle at home, and show us what we upcycled. Stay tuned to and get stuck upcycling projects back in motion, or feel the high of doing it for the first time!

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