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Track what you eat

Think you know what you eat everyday? Think again!

Keep a food diary to help you stay on top of what you’re eating.

You might be eating more than usual because it’s a source of comfort, or snacking a lot and drinking more caffeine or alcohol than usual. Well, we’re here to tell you that a food diary can help you achieve your personal goals and become a healthier, happier you!

Why keep a food diary

If you want to maintain a healthier diet, a food diary gives you visibility of what you have eaten on a weekly basis.

  1. See what you are eating. Think you know exactly what you eat every day? Think again! A food diary shows you exactly what you eat. You may think you are doing a good job of remembering what you eat on a daily basis but you might forget those snacks you scoffed or that extra helping at dinner. Another benefit is that you may notice you are not getting enough from particular food groups (check out the video further down the page on food groups).
  2. Achieve your food goals. Most of us have personal health goals. It can be as simple as wanting to eat more fruit or vegetables, reducing processed foods or shedding a few pounds. A food diary means you can see exactly how much of something you eat and look for where you could improve. Tracking what you are eating is a great way to reach your goals, small or big.
  3. Lose some weight. Maybe you are eating too much pizza, ordering takeaways more than you usually do or just eating more than normal (which is understandable). Why not use a food diary to track the quantity of food you’re eating and maybe see where you can reduce your portion size maybe or introduce more fresh food? It’s easy to make small changes once you can see where you need a little help.

Are you ticking all the boxes?

Earlier, we mentioned how keeping a food diary can highlight the food groups you might not be getting enough of. Below is a very simple video about food groups. Kids will love this too.

The 5 Food Groups,
Source: YouTube

Keep track of calories

There are a couple of ways to know how many calories are in your food items. You could use an app, like this calorie counter app that allows you to set calorie and nutrient intake goals or you could check the packaging of food items that will tell you how many calories are in something. Either way, it’s a great way to be mindful of portions, etc.

Need inspiration?

There are lots of food diary templates on Pinterest to get you started, especially if you just want to jot it down on paper. Why not print out this simple food diary below to get started? Best of luck!

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