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Tidy up your shoe storage

Believe it or not, there is method, expert opinion and even philosophy devoted to organizing shoe storage.

Is your shoe storage problem the consequence of inadequate storage space, poor tidiness, or nostalgic attachment to personal effects? If the answer to any or all of these is yes, you might want to read on.

Less shoes equals more storage space

You know you want to do it: rid the closet of old, worn out and barely used shoes. Each of those purchases were made for a reason, but you know those reasons don’t hold true anymore. Besides, you may be hoarding shoes that have outlived their utility. Be practical. Get rid of shoes you don’t, won’t and can’t wear anymore.

Separate flip-flops from shoes

Flip-flops, slippers and Crocs for home use can account for a fair share of footwear. Use baskets or buckets to store these and free up your main shoe storage space.

Use bags and covers for shoes

Shoe bags not only useful when packing for travel, they’re handy for storing of all kinds of shoes, and shoes in bags can be hidden away under sofas, beds and stairways.

Treat your shoes kindly

Regularly maintain leather shoes with shoe cleaner or shoe polish, especially in the wet season. Use damp cloths to clean dirt and grime from hard-to-reach corners of sneakers, sandals and women’s footwear. For canvas and fabric shoes, a soft shoe brush or a used toothbrush should do the trick. Use anti-bacterial shoe sprays to deodorize smelly, mouldy footwear. And remember to empty and clean shoe racks and storage spaces once in a while.

Take expert advice

She’s a world-renowned Japanese expert and author on tidying up, has her own series on Netflix, and a huge fan following for her philosophy on our relationship with material things. Meet Marie Kondo aka, KonMari to learn more about tidying up.

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