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The DIY laundry guide

Conquer your washing woes with simple and doable laundry tips and tricks.

If you use a washing machine, chances are you’re doing most things correctly. But there’s no way to be sure, until you’ve read these instructions.

Prep your laundry load

  • Unbutton shirts, zip up trousers, fasten hooks, unroll cuffs.
  • Check pockets for coins, keys and objects not intended for washing.

Learn laundry symbols

  • Read laundry symbols printed on wash care tags of garments so you know when to use a hot or cold wash, which garments to tumble dry or flat dry.

Club the socks

  • Use a separate mesh bag for each person’s socks, or stuff them into use a pillow cover if it’s included in your laundry.

Keep it separate

  • Wash light and dark colours separately.
  • Separate heavy and durable items like towels and bedsheets so they don’t damage lighter and finer garments.
  • Wash very soiled, greasy and stained garments separately on a longer cycle or give them a hot wash.
  • Don’t mix lingerie, and garments with lace and embroidery with those having hooks, rivets, zips and metal adornments.

Defeat stains

  • To treat coffee, tea and sweat stains before washing, pour detergent directly over the stain and gently rub the fabric together.
  • For tough stains like oil or blood, pre-soak garments for 30 minutes before washing.
  • To prevent new clothes from bleeding colour or brighten faded colours, add a few teaspoons of salt to the wash cycle.

Load the washer correctly

  • For a top load washer, don’t load clothes above the agitator.
  • For a front load washer, leave a few inches or enough to fit your hand between the top of the load and the wall of the drum.

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