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Take the virtual climb challenge

Join the challenge for running up the stairs to the world’s tallest building and get rewarded with more than a prize.

The thrill of pushing yourself to greater heights, the satisfaction of accomplishment and the simple joy of giving rolled into one challenge – Burj Khalifa Virtual Climb – by Gulf for Good.

Run up the stairs of your apartment building as part of an international charity challenge, and feel on top of the world knowing that your participation fee will directly benefit 2000 children across 5 developing nations.

Gulf for Good implements sustainable projects in the developing world, taking people on adventure challenges to raise money to help make a real difference in the lives of underprivileged kids. Having organised over 80 charity challenges, Gulf for Good has raised US$3.5 million for 56 children’s charities, building schools, children’s homes, hospitals, and more, changing the lives of countless children around the world. With the usual sources of funding under threat due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there’s a need for helping hands and strong legs to fill the gap!

You can be part of Gulf for Good’s upcoming challenge and make a meaningful contribution as well. Deetox is partnering Gulf for Good to bring the ‘Burj Khalifa Virtual Climb’ to our fans and followers. Participate in the live virtual stair climb on Friday, 15th May at 9am Dubai Time (GMT+4) or complete the climb at your own time and submit by 9am Dubai Time (GMT+4) on Sunday, 17th May.

Your participation fee of AED50 (approx. USD 13.6 / EUR 12.6 / GBP 11) and voluntary donations will be utilised to support over 2,000 children at Gulf for Good projects in Nepal, Uganda, Tanzania, Peru, and Lebanon.

Winners across multiple categories get prizes from Runderwear and Haddins Fitness.

Visit the event page for more information, and make this event an opportunity to achieve a personal high of accomplishment and satisfaction.

By Romeo Coutinho

Rationalist, truth seeker, full time writer, part time dreamer.

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