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A chronicle of life!

Learn how to create a time-lapse video of your family or special time in your life.

I am sure that you have seen those incredible time-lapse videos where a parent takes a picture of their child everyday and then edits it together to reveal a beautiful chronicle of their child’s life. So how do they do this, it’s very simple really, but requires a level of dedication!

The camera on your smartphone is good enough to use, but if you have the equipment at home to take it to a more professional level, you can do this too.

Take a daily picture of your family/child, everyday, in front of a neutral background and use no filters. To achieve a great time-lapse portrait it is best to take the pictures over a number of months or years, some parents have done this over 2 decades, so, as I mentioned before, dedication!

You could also capture a special day, a birthday or wedding and other events in your life, for example, your pregnancy or weight loss journey, or your garden, sowing seeds and tracking their growth cycle.

When you are finished taking your pictures and are ready to create your time-lapse video there are a number of easy tools you can use like Video Leap, iMovie and Apple Clips.

Another easy way is to upload your pictures to Powerpoint, Keynote or Google Slides, create a presentation and export it as a video to share with you family and friends.

Just for fun, today I created a time-lapse of my kids creating a Lego rainbow for our heroes on the front lines.

Stay Safe!

So, what are you waiting for, happy snapping everybody!

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