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Stroke your artistic ego

Live life in colour. Paint by numbers and unleash that inner artist.

Painting by numbers is not only fun, but it’s a great way to relax your mind and body plus you have a fabulous piece of art that you did at the end of it. Great for building your artistic confidence too!

With so much anxiety and uncertainty at the moment, art can be very therapeutic. So take some time for yourself, or give the kids something to do that everyone will enjoy.

Create your own artwork

You can buy loads of Painting by Numbers kits online. One site I came across that has some really, cool art to paint is Drawlify. With lots of categories like animals, nature, people, you can find whatever you desire to paint.

Other good sites to buy adult art kits are ilovediyart and Paint by Numbers.

Watch this picture come to life:

Printable paint by numbers for kids

These will keep the kids busy for hours plus improve their focus and concentration skills. All they need is their paints or whatever colouring tools are lying around (crayons, markers, colouring pencils). Print the images from Pinterest below and they’re good to go.

Printable paint by numbers for grown-ups is offering some free printable pictures during the pandemic. Do check them out. Remember, creativity breeds positivity. Read why art is good for you here

Best paint-by-numbers apps

Colour by numbers
  1. Happy Color – enjoy painting amazing masterpieces. Looks really great.
  2. Colour by Number – it’s a pixel art game to paint images and relieve stress by tapping the colours to fill in.
  3. Unicorn Color by number – suitable for kids age 12+ and beginners.

Maybe this will be the new lockdown hobby you’ve been waiting for. Happy painting!

If you’re looking for more inspiring ways of spending your time, then check out these creative ideas here on

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