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Some Good News #1: Deetox Edition

Volume 1 of SGN: Deetox Edition
Providing you with positive vibes only.

Welcome to the first volume of Some Good News: Deetox Edition. Our main goal is to show you stories that will put a smile on your face and distract you from all the negative things going on in the world! We release SGN: Deetox Edition every Tuesday and Thursday of the week. If you have any positive news that you would like to share with us, make sure you send it to us via social media platforms @deetoxtoday!

Drones Create Beating Heart to Honor Healthcare Workers in Rotterdam Sky

Health care workers around the world at most times are not given enough credit for the work they do. The Amsterdam design firm Studio Drift organized a drone project which would light up in the shape of the heart to honor the healthcare workers putting their lives at risk to help people who have been affected by the virus.

Watch the YouTube link:

Sight partially restored in blind people using electrical implants!

Losing your sight of vision can affect people in many ways. In some cases, not many people can recover from it. However, a team of researchers at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston have almost achieved their goal to help those who can’t see be able to see the world by using implanted electrodes. We at Deetox hope that these researchers are able to accomplish their goals.

Cranes reunited Belgian families with elderly relatives

Based on reports during the last six months, elderly people have been the most affected by the virus. Tristan Van den Bosch, manager of Group-f maintenance company, allowed families to use his cranes to connect with their elderly relatives in Belgium.

Being in isolation can be a difficult task for many people around the world. We hope Tristan Van den Bosch and other companies, give the people of Belgium to see their families often.

Deetox collaborates with Gulf for Good to help people all over the world

Gulf for Good had organized a virtual climb on May 15th. Many of their projects had come on hold due to the virus. Additionally, people in LEDC’s are not able to get clean sanitation facilities. They were able to raise more than 6000 dollars to help people all around the world. This was double the amount of their original goal. We at Deetox would like to thank everyone who participated in the virtual climb, and we can’t wait to see you in the next one!

Online choir spreads joy virtually

During this era, most people can connect with their loved ones via zoom or other platforms. The Sofa Singers came up with the idea to spread joy and happiness all around their community by singing for people. The leader of the group said, “I was so moved by seeing the neighbourhood singing in Italy and wondered if we could recreate that spirit with an online choir.”

Want to see some more positive news? See how you are making a difference by staying at home and spreading a positive outlook on the rest of the world.

By Tanishq Lalvani

A scratch golfer that is passionate about marketing.

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