Some Good News #8: Deetox Edition

Volume 8 of SGN: Deetox Edition
Providing you with positive vibes only.

Welcome to the 8th volume of Some Good News: Deetox Edition. Our main goal is to show you stories that will put a smile on your face and distract you from all the negative things going on in the world! We release SGN: Deetox Edition every Tuesday and Thursday of the week. If you have any positive news that you would like to share with us, make sure you send it to us via social media platforms @deetoxtoday!

Man Whose Business Closed Due to Pandemic Has Made Over 500 Shopping Trips for Seniors 

Making deliveries is nothing new for Greg Dailey, who has been waking up at 4 A.M to deliver newspapers for the past 25 years. What used to his second job has turned into his main source of income – and a unique way to be generous. It all started when an 88 year-old woman on his paper route asked him to place the newspaper closer to her home so she wouldn’t need to walk as far. He did it without thinking much of it. A couple days later when Greg was in the grocery, he thought of her again. “If she can’t walk 20 feet to get her newspaper how is she going to get groceries?” He told CNN. Extremely grateful for his request, she asked him to pick up an order for her and her neighbour across the street. Wondering how he could help more people, Greg decided to put a note with the newspaper, offering his services to those who needed it. With the help of his family, he was able to create a system so it was easier for him to get all the groceries for the people who need it.

Anonymous Donor Gives $40k to Florida Restaurant to Help it Stay Open – And Feed Hospital Workers

An anonymous donor saved a Florida cafe that would’ve been closed for good, due to the recent lockdown. Not only has this act of generosity kept the restaurant open, it has also enabled the owners to help frontliners in hospitals. On the day Bill’s Cafe in Naples was forced to close because of the governor’s stay-at-home order, one of it’s regular customers took the owner Bill Salley aside and told him that he would like to help the restaurant. “He says listen I have two envelopes for you, ‘one for you, one for your help,’” Bill told WINK News. “It was so nice and kind of him.” The donor asked Bill if he was willing to send 100 sandwiches everyday to the hospital across the street. Bill quickly agreed and the donations were purchased and distributed over the course of a few weeks – and they totaled $40,000. Bill was super grateful – and so are his employees. Server Andrea Gianello told WINK News, “It felt good that someone genuinely cared about the community to come out and help… and help the nurses and the doctors.”

Man Who Grew Up Without a Dad Supports Youth With ‘Dad, How Do I?’ YouTube Channel

A man from Bellevue, Washington who knows what it’s like to grow up without a father is making a difference in the lives of kids who are in the same boat. From the growing popularity of his Youtube channel, he will definitely be among the father’s showered with the most love on father’s day. Rob Kenney wanted to step up and help teach and fill the void whenever a child needs to learn something they would typically learn from a dad. His Youtube channel called ‘Dad, How Do I?’ helps youth learn a variety of lessons like how to tie a tie, how to shave your face, and even how to be good to yourself. While many fans have encouraged him to monetize his channel, “I didn’t start this to make money,” Rob told his viewers. “I started simply enough and thought I was going to help a few people . . . 30 or 40 subscribers . . . it’s turned into way more than that.” Now that his channel has had a lot of success, he told his fans in a thank-you video is planning to donate his earnings to many international charities.  

Have You Heard About The Unsolved Mysteries of Space?

While there’s a lot we don’t know about life on earth, there is a lot more we don’t know about space.  You can learn more about the mysteries of space by visiting our well-being page and on our app or website!

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