Some Good News #7: Deetox Edition

Volume 7 of SGN: Deetox Edition
Providing you with positive vibes only.

Welcome to the 7th volume of Some Good News: Deetox Edition. Our main goal is to show you stories that will put a smile on your face and distract you from all the negative things going on in the world! We release SGN: Deetox Edition every Tuesday and Thursday of the week. If you have any positive news that you would like to share with us, make sure you send it to us via social media platforms @deetoxtoday!

Nurse Locates NYC Firefighter Who Pulled Her From Burning Building 37 Years Ago, Thanks to Coronavirus

It may have been just another regular day for a New York City firefighter when he rescued a 4-year-old girl from a burning apartment building, but after 37 years, he’s learning the difference his action made. Deirdre Taylor’s family moved away from New York after the fire in 1983. As years passed, Deirdre’s hope to meet and thank the man who saved her life grew remote.  Today, Deirdre is a nurse who lives with her husband and 2 kids in Virginia and decided to pay it forward in New York City, returning to save lives on the front liners of the pandemic. Because of this she finally met the man who saved her life-Eugene Pugliese, Jr. She brought a newspaper clipping with the two of them on it, and asked the firefighters who came to thank the frontliners if they knew Eugene. The firefighters were able to connect Deirdre to Eugene, and she learned he had never forgotten about her. Because Deirdre is saving people from a contagious virus they can’t meet in person, but they have promised to meet as soon as its safe.

Minneapolis School Donates Thousands of Meals to Local Families With No Access to Groceries

After a parent from Sanford Middle School in Minneapolis contacted principle Amy Nelson with a way to get food to kids in the area, the educator never imagined the response she would get from the community, along with cities and towns beyond. Over the weekend many grocery stores were closed due to the death of George Floyd. The sudden closure of these essential stores limited many local families access to food. To help the local families Nelson posted on social media and asked for 85 food kits. After the message went up, it became clear that the turnout was going to be a lot greater than anticipated. Initially Nelson expected to receive the kits from 10:00 to noon on Sunday, but by 8:00 there was more food than she knew what to do with. After receiving the surplus of food, she realized she could help those beyond her school district. To help get the word out, The Sheridan Story, a local organization that works to fight hunger, posted photos on their Instagram page. At the end of the day they were able to serve 2000 families and brought their community closer together in service. 

Restaurant Receives $1000 Tip On The First Day Of The Return of Dine-In Seating

After re-opening to dine-in customers Saturday, the staff at Famous Toastery in Wimington were pleasantly surprised to find $1000 tip left for the team from a generous couple. Restaurants and many small businesses have been struggling during the recent Coronavirus outbreak to work with customers in an efficient and safe way. This makes this the perfect time for a gesture like this. “There’s so much kindness in this world. There really is,” said Jamie Kloiber, whose family is from Charlotte. The front and back house decided to split the tip, meaning those working in the kitchen and the dining room will be able to benefit from the money.

Have You Learned About The Quarantine Do’s and Don’ts?

As we all spend more time quarantined in homes, we have definitely done a lot of strange things and learned more about the unspoken quarantine rules. You can learn more about the do’s and dont’s of quarantine by visiting our well-being page and on our app or website!

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By Tanishq Lalvani

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