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Some Good News #2: Deetox Edition

Volume 2 of SGN: Deetox Edition
Providing you with positive vibes only.

Welcome to the second volume of Some Good News: Deetox Edition. Our main goal is to show you stories that will put a smile on your face and distract you from all the negative things going on in the world! We release SGN: Deetox Edition every Tuesday and Thursday of the week. If you have any positive news that you would like to share with us, make sure you send it to us via social media platforms @deetoxtoday!

1-year-old chef: Kobe becomes a culinary star

Chef Kobe” has taken the internet by storm by making amazing recipes with the help of his mother, Ashely Wian. With over 1 million followers, “Chef Kobe” loves to share new recipes by cooking with his mother. Additionally, his favorites are blueberries and bananas. “Chef Kobe” also like eating the food as he cooks.

Virtual graduation helps connect people from all over the world

Graduation is one of the most joyful times of the year. However, due to the virus, high school seniors and college graduates are unable to attend. Consequently, high schools and colleges have come up with innovative ideas to have graduation virtually while being able to connect all the students. From YouTube live streams to Zoom calls, students are still able to receive their graduation certificate.

‘Hug time’ device helps reunite grandmother with her grandchildren

Elderly people have been affected by the virus the most. However, the Marinaro family has come up with an innovative solution that allows their grandchildren to be able to hug their grandmother through a plastic barrier with slots where they can put their hands. Carly Marinaro created this using a window insulation kit, duct tape, PVC pipes, and livestock gloves.

Family create their own quarantine olympics at home

Even though the Olympics have been postponed, this dad came up with an innovative idea that allows their kids to compete for gold at home. From cycling to curling to even the bobsleigh, the kids took part in a new sport every single day!

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By Tanishq Lalvani

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