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Some Good News #16: Deetox Edition

Volume 16 of SGN: Deetox Edition
Providing you with positive vibes only.

Welcome to the 16th volume of Some Good News: Deetox Edition. Our main goal is to show you stories that will put a smile on your face and distract you from all the negative things going on in the world! We release SGN: Deetox Edition every Tuesday and Thursday of the week. If you have any positive news that you would like to share with us, make sure you send it to us via social media platforms @deetoxtoday!

Two Best Friends Are Making Homemade Dog Snacks To Raise Money for A Good Cause

Max Caponigro and Daniel Grant wanted to do something for the people struggling during the lockdown. Since they leave next to a food pantry, they decided to raise money to feed the hungry in their community.”I live next door to the food pantry, so we see it every day,” Daniel told The Patriot Ledger. “We know people don’t have enough food and we wanted to help.”

So Max and Daniel have spent the last few months in the kitchen, mixing up ingredients to make dog treats that they have been selling to dog owners in their neighbourhood. When the boys first came up with the idea, Max’s mom Sue Caponigro put up a note on the neighbourhood group chat, asking if anyone was interested in buying a bag. “A lot of people have dogs in my neighborhood and almost everybody with a dog bought one,” Max said.

Many people who didn’t have dogs bought treats and asked for them to be donated to a shelter. So far, Max and Daniel have donated over $400 to Milton Food Pantry. “Not that they haven’t done charitable things before, but I think it’s made a real impact for them to walk next door, see the lines of people and hand them a check,” Sue Caponigro said.

Tennessee Dog Became Independence Day Hero When He Helped Alert Owner To A House Fire Next Door

On the fourth of July, a dog became a hero in Franklin, Tennessee by alerting her owner to a house fire next door – a fire started by fireworks, according to officials. “Roux,” a 3-year-old Belgian Malinois, was barking at owner Jeff LeCates’ main door just before 10:45 p.m. When LeCates opened the door to investigate, Roux burst out, according to the Franklin Fire Department. Jeff then saw his neighbours house on fire, prompting him to pound on the door. He woke the family of three and pets and used the garden hose to help put out the fire until the firefighters arrived. Everyone escaped without any injuries. 

Do you know how to be unique in the new must-have accessory, face mask?

While countries are lowering their restrictions for citizens, one constant rule that has always been there is to wear your mask. Learn more about masks by visiting our well-being page and on our app or website!  

By Tanishq Lalvani

A scratch golfer that is passionate about marketing.

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