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Simple hacks for ironing clothes the right way

Is there such a thing as ironing clothes correctly? Apparently yes.

While most of us iron clothes, the difference is noticeable when we do it correctly. Use these simple but effective tips to get the best out of your ironing routine, and to protect clothing from the dangers of incorrect ironing practices.

  1. Use the spray feature in your iron to dampen cotton, linen and thick materials, such as curtains and upholstery. If your iron doesn’t have the spray feature, sprinkle water with your hands or use a water spray bottle, and let the garments sit until damp.
  2. Always start when the iron is ready. Most irons use an indicator light, a faint sound, or both to indicate it’s ready for use.
  3. Iron materials from lowest temperature to highest. Silks, satins and synthetics first, woolens in the middle, and linens and cottons last.
  4. If you use an ironing board, don’t let clothes fall over the edges. Iron large garments on a table or bed.
  5. Iron pleats from the bottom up, working from the inside of the pleat to the outside.
  6. Don’t wiggle or zig-zag when ironing. Iron in long, straight upward or downward strokes.
  7. Iron around zips and buttons and never directly over sequins, embroidery, glitter, lace and other delicate materials. If a garment has large patches of delicate or decorative material, use a pressing cloth to cover the patch, and gently iron over it at a low temperature.
  8. Use a damp towel or pressing cloth to iron woolens.
  9. Iron delicate fabrics inside out. To prevent the sheen on silk and satin garments from fading or scorching on the outside, use a damp pressing cloth or towel.
  10. Let your iron cool off completely before putting it away.
  11. Last but not least, hang or fold ironed clothes immediately.

By Romeo Coutinho

Rationalist, truth seeker, full time writer, part time dreamer.

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