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Pose like Mona

Are you a wannabe Mona Lisa? Try your hand at recreating a famous painting and have fun doing it!

Ever posed as Mona Lisa while getting your photo taken or while you were admiring her at The Louvre Museum in Paris that time you went on holidays? Well, now is your chance, the moment you’ve been waiting for to star in a famous masterpiece by making it your own!

Choose the classic painting you want to recreate

I’m sure you all have your wishlist of which famous paintings you’d like to recreate. Here are some ideas to help you on your way. We’ve thrown in a few modern remakes of classical paintings we found online for you to enjoy and maybe do your own take on it.

Some ideas to get you inspired

The Mona Lisa” by Leonardo da Vinci.

Creation of Adam” by Michael Angelo

Image credits: gebbs

The Scream” by Norwegian painter, Edward Munch

Sunflowers” by Dutch painter, VincentVan Gogh

The Persistence of Memory” by Salvador Dali


Self Portrait” by Frieda Kahlo

The Girl With The Pearl Earring” by Johannes Vermeer

American Gothic” by Grant Wood

Image credits: Jesse John Hunniford

Strike a pose

Once you’ve chosen your classical painting, follow the steps below and you’ll recreate the painting in no time! Art galleries and museums might be closed, but you can still make your own archive of creative images. Hang them up afterwards for all to admire.

How to recreate a classic painting

  1. Dress in the same style. Try to find outfits that look the same as what the subject of the painting is wearing. If it’s not possible to find the right outfit, wear the same colours at least.
  2. Strike a pose. Look at what the subject is doing. Are they standing, sitting or leaning? Do what they do.
  3. Copy the facial expressions. If it’s Mona Lisa, well, make sure to SMILE – it’s not moany Lisa…
  4. Consider the background and props. What’s in the painting? Try to create a similar backdrop, lighting, and props. Are they holding something in their hand? Maybe change it up with a modern twist to make it even funnier.
  5. Snap happy! Time to say cheese and get someone to take your photo. Van Gogh would be jealous!

Ready for a challenge?

Tag us @deetoxtoday on social media so we can see you being all creative and who did the best job!

Good luck and remember, it will be a great souvenir of this unforgettable time for years to come.

Watch Mona Lisa drawn in 5 mins

For any of you who are budding artists, watch this guy draws Mona Lisa in five minutes using his computer. Awesome.

Source: YouTube

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