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Play the Easter egg scavenger hunt

Play an Easter egg scavenger hunt game with your kids. Let each step reveal a clue to the next egg till they get to the final surprise. Get creative!

Here is a simple little game you can play with your kids on Easter Sunday! Write or type up the clues below and hide them around the house with the eggs. Your kids will have a great time playing little detectives.

Clue #1

Good morning! The first Easter egg is in Dad’s old shoe and under the egg, you’ll find clue #2

Clue #2

The next clue is as easy as can be, the kitchen sink’s perfect for clue #3

Clue #3

Look for the potted plant outside the door, a sweet treat is hiding with clue #4

Clue #4

It’s alive, it’s alive! Find the scary monster for clue #5

Clue #5

Go to the kitchen near the fridge, find two easter eggs and clue #6

Clue # 6

Check the clock, the times almost eleven, there are more eggs nearby and clue #7

Clue #7

You might be too young to drive mate, but a good hiding place it is and clue #8

Clue #8

Back into the house where mum and dad like to dine, you’ll find some more treats and clue #9

Clue #9

Hey you are quite the detective, almost at the end, where your clothes get washed is clue #10

Clue #10

Yahoo! The biggest surprise is your favourite place to play, I hope these Easter eggs have brightened up your day!

We hope you will enjoy this game, if you have suggestions please post it in our comments section or email us at


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