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Play Solitaire

One of the most addicting cards games one can play during their spare time is Solitaire. One could say the game can be only completed by luck. However, there is a lot of strategy that needs to be applied to win the game. Some grandmasters can complete the game successfully every time because they have learned various strategies. Other than learning new strategies this is one of the easiest and addicting card games. The objective of the game is to create four piles of cards – one per suit- in ascending order. Beginning with Ace and ending with King.

How to play solitaire:

  • Start by building out the layout.
    • Put one card face up and six cards face down next to it.
    • Put one card face up on the second pile and five cards face down on the other piles
    • Continue this process until each pile has one face-up card until you reach the end at the seventh pile.
  • Put the remaining cards in a separate pile below the piles you have created
  • Leave room at the top for 4 piles of cards. This is where you will be creating your suit in ascending order.
  • On the piles that have cards hidden, you can only stack in descending order. (For example, if you have a seven of clubs and six on the other pile it must also be part of the hearts or diamond suit to stack)
  • Cards in the main playing zone can only be stacked with alternate colours (i.e. black or red)
  • If you find an ace, make sure you put in in the top where you made space for the 4 suits.
  • Simply then start adding cards in ascending order to the four piles on top.
  • If you run out of moves, you can open three cards from the main stack that you put aside.
  • Remember to take your time and have fun.

By Tanishq Lalvani

A scratch golfer that is passionate about marketing.

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