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Ocean-inspired fun for kids

How well do you know the ocean? We’re helping kids aged up to age 6 to discover the ocean’s secretive, colourful and exciting creatures through fun activity.

If you’re the age where telling the difference between whales and dolphins is an achievement, colouring a seahorse is an exciting afternoon’s work, and counting jellyfish is way more fun than counting sheep, you’re about to have a lot of fun. If you’re not, share this with someone who is! presents ocean-inspired worksheets by AppyKids to keep kids occupied, entertained and eager for more. Download a worksheet, print in colour, gather the kids, and turn ocean study time into fun time. If you think the kids are having too much fun, try it yourself and you’ll know why!

Colouring sheet – Seahorse

What colour is a seahorse? The answer to this question is very exciting if you have colouring supplies and curiosity to learn facts about these mysterious sea creatures. Male and female seahorses have different colours, but they can change colours to match their background. Which means you can print the colouring sheet many times, and colour each seahorse differently. You can draw your backgrounds to match the colour of your seahorse.

Did you know Seahorses are actually fish? They breathe through gills, but they’re poor swimmers because of their body shape and the absence of fins that help fish to swim. The crown on the head of a seahorse is unique to each individual, just like human fingerprints. Discover more amazing facts about seahorses.

Connect the dots – various creatures

How well do you know fish and creatures that live in the oceans? Download this worksheet and connect the dots to reveal four different ocean creatures. We’ll only tell you that each creature has a different body and shape with fins, paddles, arms and snouts. It’s for you to find out who’s what!

Spelling – Guess the first letter

Are you good at spelling, and are you good at identifying creatures and fish that live in water? Let’s combine these two skills and have fun guessing the name of the creature, and then writing the missing first letter of the name.

Guess the beginning spelling sheet

Here’s a hint, W is the first letter in the name of the largest creature on earth.

We’re just beginning our voyage across the oceans. Discover little-known wonders of the ocean, and come back for more ocean-inspired fun and excitement all through this week. is going to the ocean

This week, takes you on an exciting, enlightening and entertaining voyage across the oceans. Follow us through June 22 to June 28 as we deep-dive into the mysteries and wonders of the vast water bodies that make our planet blue, create ocean-inspired crafts, and examine ocean-themed pop culture. All hands on deck!

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