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Make your photos come alive

Put a little extra zing to your photos with a touch of animation. From cute messages to doodles, read our step by step guide to see how you can make your masterpiece.

Step 1

Download an animation app like Picsart Animator, Flipaclip or Animation Desk for gifs.

Step 2

Take a photo from your gallery on which you want to add the animated overlay. The animation you want to put over can be funny, sad, or you can write messages or show whatever mood you are in.

Step 3

Start animating! Draw frame by frame animation onto of the photograph you have selected. The more frames the smoother the animation. In most apps there will be an option to see the last frame in low opacity so it’s easier to draw the next frame for more smoothness.

Step 4

Play and see how the animation looks, if its fine save it as gif or export it to a video.

Step 5

Send it to friends and family, the animation doesn’t need to be Disney level, just have fun with it and make others laugh. You will be surprised how the time flies by when you are making your animations.

You can also do some simple cool doodle animations if you are good at drawing.

Have fun animating and giving life to your still photos. We would love to see what you come up with. Share it with us on @deetoxtoday on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

By Amit Gonsalves

Creative artist with a love for plants, aquariums and old school rock music.

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