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Make your own ping pong table at home!

Learn how yo can make a Ping pong table in a matter of days!

Buying a brand new ping pong table can be expensive. Additionally, trying to get one delivered at this point in time could take a while too. However, I have found the easiest way you can make a ping pong table at home by just buying a few materials from your nearest home improvement store (Home Depot).

What you will need:

Making the ping pong table?

  • Start by deciding if you want your ping pong table to be big or slightly smaller based on the amount of space you have.
  • If you want a slightly smaller one, you might want to cut the 4×8 to make it into a 4×7.
  • Once the dimensions have been decided, using wood glue carefully adds the frame onto the 4×7 MDF.
  • Make sure you add enough glue so that the pieces don’t break off when you start playing ping pong.
  • Get a bucket where you can add the grey Valspar paint and mix it with the non-sanded grout.
  • Mix the paint and the grout well before applying it on the MDF to ensure you get a smooth finish.
  • Take a ruler and mark out 2 centimeters on the sides of the table.
  • Carefully add painter tape on the outer side of the 2-centimeter mark.
  • Similarly, for the white paint, mix it with non-sanded grout in the bucket.
  • All the lines should be 2 centimeters.
  • Once the paint has dried carefully, take off the painter’s tape.
  • Flip the table over. Using wood glue, attach the four legs off the table.
  • Make sure that the legs of the table are spaced correctly to ensure that the table remains flat.
  • Finally, flip the table again, wait for the glue to dry up, and add the ping pong net.

This is what the end product should look like!

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By Tanishq Lalvani

A scratch golfer that is passionate about marketing.

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