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Make a sock puppet

Entertain your kids at home or have some grown up fun making a super easy puppet in minutes.

You’ve most likely seen a sock puppet and probably thought of making one yourself. Time to make it happen!

A sock puppet can be made in a few easy steps with a easily available materials: socks, glue, marker, buttons, craft supplies and decorative materials. With enough materials and some imagination, you can get creative with your sock puppet, but first, learn to make a basic sock puppet.

Step 1 – Choose a sock

Choose sock color, pattern and length depending on the puppet you want to make. A fuzzy sock is just right for making a hairy animal or dragon, animal prints make a great big cat, giraffe or zebra. A plain white sock can be made into anything you like, a striped sock can make a nifty caterpillar and a gray one can make a mouse. Choose a long, knee length sock for an adult puppeteer and a small sock for a child.

Step 2 – Mark out features

Use a marker to mark facial features like eyes, mouth, nose and eyebrows. You can glue materials on the marks later. If you don’t have the materials for eyes, nose and facial features, use the marker to draw expressive eyes and brows, spectacles, beard or even a goatee.

Step 3 – Make features

Choose materials for facial features, accessories and decorations for your puppet, and then glue them on the marked spots. Use yarn or thread for hair and moustache, buttons for eyes, felt or cardboard or craft paper for ears.

Step 4 – Accessorise

Made a mouse, stick whiskers. Made a horse, give it a flowing mane. Made a punk, give him a mohawk or give the girl puppet some streaky colored hair. Give your sock fairy a cardboard crown. Cut the sock in place for ears and insert a neat pair of felt ears.

There are countless great ideas for sock puppets you can make easily. Once you master a simple sock puppet, try your hand at making a talking sock puppet with a little inspiration from here.

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