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Make a scrapbook

Life is full of memories and most of us love recollecting them. If pictures say a thousand words, adding a memento or writing down a fun thing that happened beside it makes it worth more. A scrapbook gives you just that, so whether its a fun trip with friends and family with a punched train ticket or your baby’s journey as a baby to 2 years old, making a scrapbook is just super fun and very beautiful to show it to your family. Its that special.

So the question is – how to make it? Its easy to do, and the more you do it, the more ideas come to make it more interesting. You will need:

1) A ring folder – A5 size or slightly bigger will do.

2) Colorful A4 size papers

3) A punch

(If do not have the above, a simple spiral binded book will do )

4) Easy to stick on decorations

5) All your memories printed out.

6) Markers or Sketch Pens.

Step 1

Choose an event or a subject for which you want to make a scrapbook. Then first you take a ring folder (one with the punch holes). 

Step 2

Take the colourful A4 size papers. Make sure you mix the colours, so that each page looks different. (If you don’t have access to ready coloured papers, then you can take normal white papers and either colour them or do some different quick patterns on them. ) So once mixed, keep them together and fold them into half. 

Step 3.

Take the centre and punch the holes and put them into the ring folder. 

Step 4 

Start filling in the memories. So paste the photos in the order you would like to see them. You can also add tickets / flyers / receipts / postcard / or even leaves and flowers (dried) on to the photos. If you like you can try putting them in slight angles to give it a fun edge. Do leave some space for a personal message or note that you would like to add onto the memory.

Step 5

Add a bit of decorations. If you have ready-to-stick on stickers – smileys, hearts, stars, then you can use them, or simple take a marker and doodle away. 

Step 6

Write your message or the joke that had happened, or a quote to each of your photo or moment. Put arrows and make it interesting. 

Hope you have a great time making your own scrapbook. Enjoy!

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