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Make a pictionary doodle art

Make a masterpiece while playing Pictionary.

We all know and have played Pictionary at some point. Here at Deetox, we bring to you a fun way of playing Pictionary which in the end could turn into your own group doodle artwork. Items required are:

1) A large sheet of paper

2) A black marker or a sketch pen

3) Smaller cards made out of paper to write different topics and categories.

Note: You can choose a variety of fun categories for example animals, or actions like running, jumping, or you can have themes like movies, songs, cities, food or a mix and match of all the categories.


  1. Don’t make sounds
  2. No hand gestures
  3. Don’t write numbers or alphabets
  4. Each round is for 30 seconds only. Keep a stopwatch.

We need 2 teams of 2 or more members each. Flip a coin and start the game. 

Step 01

Each team will decide the member who will draw and who will be the guessing person. 

Step 02

The member who is drawing comes forward, picks a category card and announces the category to the room.

Step 03

The timer of 30 seconds start. The player draws out the word on the large paper sheet. The teammate must then work together in order to guess what the drawing is. 

Step 04

Correct word guess earns the team 1 point. Incorrect guess get 0 points. The team that reaches 10 points first, wins!!!

You can also extend the game till the whole paper is filled with doodles. 

Making the doodle art

Once the paper is filled with sketches, you can either add some colour and paint, or write and mark funny quotations to make it more interesting. 

Once its ready, you can frame it up. And your own doodle art is ready. 

Enjoy the game, and do let the Deetox team know how it went. If you have any ideas to make it more fun and interesting, write to us at or add your ideas in the comment box below.

By Amit Gonsalves

Creative artist with a love for plants, aquariums and old school rock music.

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