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Make a cute fox

All you need is a pencil and a square piece of paper, 21cm by 21cm in size. This should roughly take around 30 minutes to complete but if it takes longer don’t worry about it just enjoy yourself.

So you’ve mastered the easy fox, the crane and the basics, now its time for this fantastic fox. The perfect next step in your paper craft journey, let’s get started!

Step 1

Lay your square piece of paper out flat and then fold diagonally in half. I’d recommend this paper if you want to make this fox pop, origami paper is slightly thinner than regular paper and holds crease better.

Step 2

Unfold and fold the paper in half in the opposite direction. Then unfold again.

Step 3

Fold the bottom point towards the left point until it meets on the crease you have just formed. Unfold and mark the cross point on the two creases with a pencil as shown below.

Step 4

Now fold the top point down until it reaches the mark you have just made. Make a crease in the centre of the fold, unfold and mark with a pencil as shown below.

Step 5

Fold up the bottom point to meet the new point you just made and form a crease along the fold. Draw two lines parallel to the fold until they reach the edge of the paper, we’ll come back to these later. Then turn the paper over as shown below.

Step 6

Fold up from the bottom until you see the mark on the page previously made in step 4 and make a crease.

Step 7

Unfold and repeat on the opposite side. Then unfold as shown below

Step 8

Turn the paper back over and rotate it to the position shown below in the first image. Next fold in the right point until it reaches the previous fold as shown below and make a crease.

Step 9

Repeat on the opposite side and then unfold both.

Step 10

Fold in half along the centre crease. Next take the point on the left and fold it down until in meets the bottom of the paper and make a crease along the new fold like as shown below in the second image.

Step 11

Repeat the same for the opposite side.

Step 12

Fold up the bottom from the centre of the last fold until you meet the previously made crease. You are just reversing the direction of the fold here. Do this on both sides.

Step 13

Unfold the large section at the bottom and fold in half along the vertical middle crease.

Step 14

Now fold the top left point in the centre back towards you and create a crease on the new flap you have just formed along the back and centre like in the second image below.

Step 15

Rotate the paper and draw a rough line from one corner of the flap to the other as shown in the first image below. Then fold up along that newly drawn line and crease the paper.

Step 16

Fold in from the right side until you reach the diamond shape. Then unfold and flip the whole thing over.

Step 17

Fold down the opposite side of the previous fold in the last step to the centre crease. Make sure you take your time with these steps as they can be tricky to line everything up.

Step 18

Fold down the last point of the triangle in on itself, make a crease and then unfold as shown below.

Step 19

Fold down the tip of the large triangular part, in half just like the two previous steps. Look the second image below as a reference.

Step 20

Now you want to fold back the flap to reveal the line you had drawn on in step 15. Fold the flap to the left and right adjacent corners until it aligns, then crease. You can see how it should look like when its folded in the first image and where the new crease should be in the second image below.

Step 21

Now you want to fold in half along the centre crease that runs the whole width of the paper from left to right and unfold the two flaps at the bottom and rotate the whole piece of paper 180 degrees. Take the upper left point and fold down towards the centre of the paper until it meets the other fold. Then crease.

Step 22

Turn over and repeat on this side.

Step 23

Unfold the last 2 steps and create a half fold in the top section. This is a hard fold to describe so take a careful look at the images below to see the location.

Step 24

Repeat step 23 on the other side and then unfold both.

Step 25

This is probably the hardest part of the whole piece. You need to pick the paper up from the right side and hold up the left side until it is straight / fanned out. Then fold the paper back in on itself along the centre crease and you should end up with the same results as in the second image below.

Step 26

Next open the paper at the top left point and fold it inwards. Fold down the flap on the left side from the top into the previously made crease and then fold from the bottom up until the paper aligns at the bottom like in the second image.

Step 27

Flip the piece over horizontally and repeat.

Step 28

Turn the piece back over and fold down from the top left until it reaches the new fold you have just made from the bottom as shown below.

Step 29

Unfold the last fold and pick the whole piece up. Now fold the top section in the second image below away from you back in on itself along the line you had previously drawn and fold along the centre again.

Step 30

You should now have something that looks like the first image below. We can start to see the fox taking shape, with the head on the left side and tail on the right. Now fold from the left point back towards the centre until it aligns with the angled fold in the centre as shown in the second image.

Step 31

Unfold and repeat on the opposite side.

Step 32

Here we will create the front legs. Fold the flap in the centre to the left and down like the first image below. Flip the paper over and repeat on the other side.

Step 33

Next we’ll start working on the tail. Pick the piece up and open the tail along the centre crease. Fold the paper back in on itself and down to left on the centre crease like the second image below.

Step 34

Open the tail and fold up on the crease you made earlier near the top.

Step 35

Fold the tail in towards the centre like shown in the second image and crease.

Step 36

Fold the tail down from the top until it aligns with the body. Now fan out the tail again and pinch the paper back in on itself just slightly. This will form the back legs and centre the tail as shown in the second image.

Step 37

Keep working with the tail and back legs until you reach something like the image below. It can be tricky as there are many layers of paper at this point but take your time.

Step 38

Fold the flap under the front legs in half and up under the legs. Now we’ll start finishing up on the head of the fox. Fold the head section in half on both side like in the images below.

Step 39

Invert the centre of the head so that it folds in on itself creating three points on top like in the first image below. Fold down each side of the head so that it aligns with the front legs and crease like in the second image.

Unfold the centre of the head and invert like we did earlier so now the face is protruding outwards. Adjust the legs if necessary and any other folds if needed and you’re all down. This is a though project but don’t be afraid to challenge yourself and start over if you need too. Make sure to tag us on our social channels @DeetoxToday to show us your creations.

Fox Completed

By Paul Power

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