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We all have our favorite songs, artists and albums but it’s easy to get stuck in a loop of the same music over and over again. Luckily it’s now easy to than ever to break those old music habits and discover new artists.

Background music for cooking, working, chilling out or when you just want to dance! Whatever the occasion as long as you have an internet connection the possibilities are endless. There are many websites and apps to access great music with curated playlists such as Pandora, Deezer, Google Music, iTunes, Youtube Music and many more, but in this post we’ll look at the two biggest sources we here a Deetox use for new music!


Spotify Playlists

Accessible with a free or premium account, Spotify offers a large selection of playlists categorized by genre and mood. So whether you want to relax before bed or get in a party mood you can find a lot of options here.

Made for you playlists

Once you have listened to playlist or two on Spotify, it will then create custom playlists for you based on artists and genres you have listened to previously. Creating a blend of old familiar songs and new ones. This has personally introduced me to so many great bands and songs I would have never come across, I couldn’t recommend it enough.


Top 50 on Soundcloud

Similar to Spotify, Soundcloud also has curated playlists categorized by genre and mood. It also features a region filter so you can browse music by country and listen to the current top 50 songs which helps to break up a music slump.

Dig out those headphones or crank the speakers and treat your ears to something new.

By Paul Power

Web developer with a passion for music, games, cooking, and nature. An avid bird nerd.

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