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It’s karaoke night!

Host your own virtual karaoke party. There are lots of great karaoke apps out there to have you and your friends up singing in no time!

Music brings us together. Just because you can’t meet up with your friends at your favourite karaoke haunt doesn’t mean you can’t sing together. Lady Gaga pulled off one of the biggest global online music events”One World: Together at Home” recently, so hosting a virtual karaoke should be a piece of cake!

Host a virtual karaoke party

Singing is a great way to connect with friends and release some pent up energy from being stuck at home. Don’t worry if you can’t remember the words (we all know someone like that), there are plenty of great apps out there to host your own karaoke party or just sing along yourself at home. We explain below how to set up your karaoke night with friends. Easy peasy!

Step 1: Pick your video app

First, you need to choose which video conferencing to use for your karaoke session. We like Zoom, HouseParty, and Facetime. There’s Skype too but check out 5 Best Video Chat Apps post if you need a little help to see which suits best.

Step 2: Choose your karaoke app

It’s all about the app! Have hours of fun with these karaoke apps. I’ve already tried out one or two at home and had a blast! If you want to liven up your ‘stage’, use Zoom to upload fun backgrounds (bound to be more fun for your audience too).

Top karaoke apps

Here are some of the best karaoke apps for you to try out. You can get free trials with most and then pay a monthly subscription after that.

  • Lucky Voice – If you live or have visited the UK or Dubai, you might have stepped into a Lucky Voice Karaoke bar. They are one of the leading karaoke venues with their state of the art technology and over 10,000+ songs. What’s impressive is they have their own suite of apps to bring home the Karaoke experience. Check out their free 14-day trial to test out their karaoke experience.
  • Yokee – This app is designed to make you feel like the star that you are! It has a ton of songs to choose from and is really easy to use. Record your performance and share it with friends afterwards.
  • KaraFun This one has lots of songs and also allows you to have songs queued up by the performers’ names so you’re ready to go without stopping the music. Nice.
  • Karaoke Anywhere This free karaoke app has the world’s largest karaoke songbook and what’s more, the app has a social feed to interact with other singers so you can share your thoughts on each performance.
  • Sing! Karaoke by Smule One of the most well-know karaoke apps, Smule was made for music lovers. Great karaoke party choice if you want to start a LiveJam to sing or perform with friends.

Drop the mic!

Now it’s time to kick off your party. Maybe you need help choosing a popular song that won’t get you booted off your virtual stage? There are plenty of karaoke playlists on YouTube if you don’t want to use apps.

Check out this video on the best karaoke songs of 2020.

Have lots of fun hosting your karaoke night! Next time you might want to have some proper mics for the occasion. You can view some of the best wireless karaoke mics here.

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