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If we want change, we need to help make it happen

Play your part in forging change by joining the people’s movement for racial equality. Because we’re all equals.

A week ago, we saw a human rights violation that we cannot unsee. In the backdrop of the pandemic and the large loss of life, livelihood and suffering, comes the brutal demise of George Floyd at the hands of keepers of justice. The act has led to an outcry of grief and rage across the U.S. As people’s collective cry for change is muffled by ineffective leadership at all levels, they have taken it upon themselves to act.

We won’t take much of your reading time to underline the horror, whose unmissable cross-media coverage you would have likely followed. Rather, our intention is to highlight how you can do your part to make sure the ongoing public protests will lead to reforms that assure equality in all of its forms, the most pressing need of the hour in the United States.

Before you decide to do your part, it’s worth understanding that protests revolving around making social media profiles black – the trending online protest at this time – are not helping. In fact, it makes it harder for activists and protesters on the ground to filter out the messages they need to communicate.

What’s needed is widespread support for the strong grassroots movements happening across the U.S. to ensure that this will be the last generation to endure the injustice meted out to George Floyd and unknown victims before him.

It will be tempting to return to normal or the ‘new normal’ after the pandemic, but ‘this’ is the opportunity to help enact change; real change. Change to bring strong and just leaders, fair and equal legislation, and reform at local, state and federal levels. Change will happen only when we make it happen. Every individual affected by the event should use this opportunity and momentum to participate and ensure that the call for change doesn’t end up as just another topical news cycle.

To help you participate, we identified movements that are working on the ground to help fund racial justice initiatives that need your help. If you can’t donate, please pass this message to someone who can.

Minnesota Freedom Fund

Community-based non-profit that pays criminal bail and immigration bonds for individuals who have been arrested while protesting police brutality.

Black Visions Collective

A black, trans, queer-led organisation that is committed to dismantling systems of oppression and violence, and shifting the public narrative to create transformative, long term change.

Reclaim the Block

Coalition that advocates for investments in community initiatives in Minneapolis neighbourhoods.

Campaign Zero

Online platform and organisation that utilises research-based policy solutions to end police brutality in America

Unicorn Riot

Non-profit dedicated to exposing root causes of dynamic social and environmental issues.

George Floyd Memorial Fund

Official GoFundMe to support the Floyd family.

If you are concerned, as I am, about the recent event and want a future that brings equality to all, I hope you can get involved and do your part, because. If we want a better tomorrow, we have to act today.

By Dinesh Lalvani

Programmer. Designer. Tinkerer. Messer. Entrepreneur. Husband. Father. Love challenges, hate sitting still, trying to make a difference in a small way.

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