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I craft! You craft! We all play Minecraft!

Escape this quarantine by playing Minecraft with your family.

Just imagine being able to jump into a world made of blocks. With over 100 million downloads, Minecraft is one of the most popular video games available on almost any platform. The beauty of the game is that people can build almost anything as long as they can find the materials needed. From mansions to castles to even an entire city, your imagination is your limitation.

Play with your family!

Playing Minecraft alone can be a challenge as it would take time to gather recourses to build almost anything. The game allows for thirty players to play simultaneously. Additionally, it is a fun activity to play with your kids. Players are also able to host private games over a local channel to ensure no random people enter their world. Once all the players have entered the digital world, they can have building competition by collecting as many resources as they can. We broke down the steps so you and your family can play on the same server.

How to host a multiplayer game in Minecraft:

  • Load a single player game
  • In the game menu page click ‘Open to Lan’
  • Share your the number that pops up
  • Also share your IPv4 address which can be found in system preferences
  • For those players joining the game – select multiplayer
  • Click ‘Direct Connect’
  • Enter the IPv4 and the Open to Lan code
  • Finally, hit connect!

Try to build this:

Nether portals are one of the coolest and easiest buildings one can make when they are playing Minecraft. Nether portals can allow a player to jump in between worlds. To ensure your Nether portal works, all the blocks must be connected in a specific shape.

The materials needed to build a Nether Portal:

  • Obsidian (They are purple blocks)
  • Fire to activate the portal

Easter Eggs!

They are one of the most appealing aspects of any video game. Minecraft has released multiple Easter eggs to allows players to be able to collect rare materials that they can use while building. Easter eggs also enable the player to discover new downloadable content within the game.

Easter Eggs in Minecraft:

Upside-down mobs (creatures in the game)

This is one of the most anticipated easter eggs in the game. It allows the player to be able to flip any mob within the game.

Rainbow Sheep

Completing this easter egg give players the opportunity to have multi color sheep. Additionally, it allows you get multi colored wool.

Toast the Bunny

One of the easiest easter eggs to complete. Player tend to complete this easter egg to have a variety of rabbits in their world.


A vindicator named Johnny can be spawned in the game to help you farm rare items.

Some of our favorite buildings on Minecraft:

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