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How to effectively disinfect your home

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced better personal hygiene into our life. But what about hygiene in our home?

We are now well into the COVID-19 pandemic where everyone has incorporated strict personal hygiene into their daily lives. It doesn’t start and end when you step outside your home or come back to it. Cleaning and disinfection of every surface that could harbour this dangerous virus is really important in your own home.

Cleaning can be done with soap and cleaners, while disinfection can be done with alcohol-based wipes, cleaning sprays, disinfectants and hand sanitizer.

Frequently touched surfaces

Regularly disinfect surfaces that are touched often and by everyone in the household: doorknobs, handles, light switches, tables and chairs, desks, toilets, faucets and faucet knobs, sinks and kitchen counter tops.

Clean these surfaces with soapy water followed by disinfectant for handles and knobs. If possible, wear gloves. Use disposable gloves, wash reusable gloves with soapy water and use them only for cleaning surfaces. Wash hands each time you clean surfaces.

Carpets, upholstery and floors

Use carpet and upholstery shampoos. Use the washing machine to clean drapes, doormats and rugs mixing disinfectant if necessary. Clean tiled or wooden floors with regular floor cleaner.

Wallets and currency

Use cleaning wipes for wallets. Use liquid or spray hand sanitizer for disinfecting coins, debit and credit cards, keys and small items that have changed many hands. Alternatively, use a regular disinfectant. Remember, cleaning is different from disinfection. Do both as frequently as required, especially when you return home or are nursing an ill or quarantined family member. Continue home cleaning and disinfection on a regular basis, pandemic or not.

In addition to cleaning and disinfecting indoor objects and surfaces discussed here, pay special attention to making electronics and devices germ-free.

By Romeo Coutinho

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