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Give a helping hand to the elderly

Senior citizens are among the most vulnerable to the impact of lockdown, unless help is at hand.

It’s evident that the pandemic has affected some sections of society more than others. For the aged, disabled and homebound, procuring groceries, essentials and medicines, and getting little things done has turned into an everyday challenge in life under lockdown. If there are old or helpless people nearby, reach out to them with a helping hand. Here’s how.

Begin by reaching out

Most elderly people are not adept with smartphones, social media, communication apps and online ordering, limiting their options for purchasing directly or contacting someone who can. Inquire about their grocery requirements, especially daily needs like like bread, milk, food items, and urgent requirements like prescription drugs or cash from the ATM. Make a list of of these items, and offer to purchase on their behalf from a store or online.

Do charity of a different kind

In these testing times, infirm or homebound senior citizens and people with disabilities with no one for help are relying on us for assistance. You can help in many ways: volunteer to make purchases, pay for those who can’t in this situation, donate your time – help clean and disinfect homes and appliances, read the newspaper or a book, help fix broken things around the house, undertake minor repairs you can manage, or just spend a little time with them so they know they’re not alone.

If you cannot step out of home due to a lockdown in your neighborhood or a quarantine order in your apartment building, or you are not in a position to help with specialised needs and medical care, get help from friends, non-government organisations or volunteer groups dedicated to helping elderly and disabled citizens.

If reading this article brought to mind someone nearby who needs your help, it’s time to ring their doorbell.

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