Garbage Glamour: 11 creative trash day costumes

Even in these grimmest of times, people are finding reasons to stay positive, some to our amusement.

What happens to fashionable clothes when there’s no excuse for people to wear them? They wear them to take out trash. There’s a new trend. We don’t quite what to call it because it doesn’t draw parallels to anything we’ve seen yet.

Presenting, the trash walk.

1. Men in tutus

Admit it. This is a sight for sore eyes. On a side note, it’s a wonder how they got into those dresses.

Image source: Bin Isolation Outing via Facebook

2. Married to the bin

When you walk down the driveway holding hands with the trash bin. Never more romantic!

3. Stylish garbage day to you

It appears they’re dressed for an evening engagement, except they’re posing hand in hand with trash bins.

Image source: Bin Isolation Outing via Facebook

4. Binned on a date

This lady has found a date who wears a hat on a squarish green body with two wheels in his hind-quarters. We’re curious to know what transpired.

Image source: Bin Isolation Outing via Facebook

5. Queen of the bin

‘Bin Queen of Love’ is what this adorable and spunky lady has entitled her new avatar. Love and respect to the new queen of all things love and trash.

Image source: Bin Isolation Outing via Facebook

6. Party trasher

It’s what they call people who wear a costume and drink on a bin turned over. Did we just see the future of partying?

7. Iron Man’s latest Endgame

They killed him off in Avengers. Now he works from home. Call or email for autograph.

Image source: Bin Isolation Outing via Facebook

8. The Mer-made a sensation

Meet Danielle Askew who started Facebook’s latest sensation, Bin Isolation Outing, that’s already gained 1 million members and counting. Thank you Danielle. Quick question, how did you lug the bin wearing that?

Image source: Bin Isolation Outing via Facebook

9. Grin and beer it!

The two biggest benefits of this cosplay. 1) Get free beer for advertising the brand 2) Hide the beer belly it gave you with something meaningful. Cheers!

Image source: Bin Isolation Outing via Facebook

10. Wonder Woman trashes it

Wonder Woman spotted standing atop a garbage bin wearing gumboots. Someone call Justice League.

11. Trash like an Egyptian

Remember this late 80’s chartbuster by the Bangles? Here’s the 2020 ‘trash day’ cover version.

Does people dressing up to take out the trash point to serious underlying issues? We’ll put it down to yet another contagious oddity of the Virus age.

There’s more laughs coming your way if you care to read the silly things done under lockdown, DIY haircuts gone wrong, funniest moments from the hit comedy, Community, and lots more. Keep exploring, keep laughing.

By Romeo Coutinho

Rationalist, truth seeker, full time writer, part time dreamer.

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