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Garbage day tips to avoid any mishaps!

Taking out the trash is something we all do probably once a week but sometimes it can build up and create an unsanitary environment. Here are a few tips to make it even easier to stay on top of the rubbish game.

First things first, after taking the bag out of the bin secure it. Some trash bags come with twist ties to tie the bag together; but if your bag doesn’t, tie the bag using the handles or twist the top of the bag until it comes together and make a knot.

Double bag

Man with garbage bag

If you think the bag is too heavy or something is poking through the side chances are it will tear when you lift the bag up. The last thing anyone wants is to have the liquids from inside a trash bag leaking everywhere!

Recycle what you can

Glass bottles

Rinse out glass jars and bottles and bring them to your nearest bottle bank when you can. Separate all the cardboard and other recyclable materials into separate bags or bins if you have multiple.


Lastly, keep to a schedule. Try to pick a set day of the week to pick up trash around the house and in your car. Maybe set an alarm on your phone and in no time it will become part of your routine.

Garbage Day

Keep on top of your garbage or you might get a visit from Ricky Caldwell!

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