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Freeze time – for now.

Capture your time in lockdown by making your very own time capsule.

A couple of years from now, we will look back at 2020 when most of us were cooped up in our homes for weeks, or months, and had to come up with new ways of entertaining ourselves and getting through the day.

Lockdown has been a challenging time for us all, but it has also been a time of creating new memories and having fun at home. There are many silver linings that we won’t want to forget when life reverts to normal.

Lockdown keepsakes

Wouldn’t it be nice to create your own time capsule with your family to have as a keepsake for the future? Put present-day items into a special box that you hide away until a date you chose in the future, then open it to see what life was like back then. Excited yet? Let’s get started!

How to make a time capsule

First, chose a container to hold all your lockdown keepsakes in. It could be a large box like the one pictured below. As long as it’s big enough to hold whatever you wish to record of this time period, most boxes or a large jar should do the trick.

Choose a box to store all your lockdown keepsakes
Source: Pinterest

Next, label your time capsule. It can simply be your name, the date and time of when you sealed your container and the date you want it to be opened.

Time Capsule label

You can also watch the video below to see one being made. It’s easy when you know how and why!

Watch how to make a time capsule

Ideas of what to put inside

If you want to feel a rush of nostalgia when you open your time capsule in a few years from now, think about what you’d like to put inside. Check out these ideas below.

  • Photographs of you and your family during lockdown. Maybe add funny photos you took or if you tried your hand at recreating a famous painting? Learn how
  • Newspaper clippings (headlines about the virus, the economy, articles on what’s trending in the news)
  • Letters you might have gotten from friends or family when you couldn’t go visit them during restrictions. Write an old-school letter, post to a friend and save the reply in your time capsule. Awesome!
  • Letter to your future self
  • A favourite recipe that you cooked a lot when your favourite restaurants were still on your wishlist. Time to get crackin’ in the kitchen.
  • Pictures or doodles you did together at home and had fun with. Need inspiration? Check out our doodle post for ideas.
  • Capture how you were feeling on post-its. It will be interesting to see when you look back.

Fun for kids


We came across this really fun lockdown workbook that has lots of printable colouring pages and activities for your time capsule items. Kids will love it and once they’re done, they can drop their completed pictures in the box. View printable workbook.

Have fun!

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