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Dining in every night doesn’t have to be boring. Pick an evening where you put on your Sunday best and have some fun doing it.

Get your glad rags on because tonight, dinner is going to be no ordinary affair. That’s right, it’s time for a slap of lipstick, lashings of hair oil and time to dig out the most vintage pieces you own!

The Roaring 20s @home

Most of you will be familiar with the style of the 1920s Prohibition era, well documented in The Great Gatsby or how the boys and girls dressed to kill in the hugely popular TV hit, Peaky Blinders. With life being quite restricted at the moment, why not have a bit of fun dressing up for a vintage style night dinner at home?

How to mix and match

When wearing vintage outfits, make sure to match one piece of clothing with the next. Use these tips below to make a vintage piece more modern, but still look classic at the same time.

  • If you have a 1940’s style juniors dress, pair it with knee highs and vintage heels. You could also wear it with a modern cardigan.
  • Got a vintage floral dress lying around? Why not pair it with a red belt and stilettos?
  • If you have a vintage blouse, pair it with heels and skinny jeans.

Looking for inspiration?

Check out some of the best female vintage style bloggers on Instagram

  1. @Bombiris Andreina Mendez, Venezuelan stylist and vintage lover.
  2. @Iddavanmunster Idda Van Munster, 100% vintage lover from Bosnia.
  3. @thevintagestylist1 Blogger with 30+ Yrs Experience in Vintage Clothing, Vintage Fashion Guild President too. Nice.

Vintage on Pinterest

These boards should give both the guys and girls lots of great ideas on dressing up for dinner. Don’t forget to take some selfies. The Great Gatsby here we come!

If Peaky Blinders style is your thing, check out this board for inspiration.

Vintage Soundtracks

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