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Disinfecting your car

Cleaned and disinfected from within and outside, your car can be made as safe as your virus-free home.

Your car is not just a private mode of transport, it’s a personal space for driver and passenger. An enclosed space like a car or small automobile harbours the right environment for germs and contagion. Keep your car clean and disinfected, and reduce the risk of spreading harmful germs and viruses.


It’s a good idea to clean and sanitise car exterior parts that are always exposed. Target frequently touched parts – door handles, mirrors and car keys – spraying them with sanitiser or disinfectant, and wiping off with a cloth or disposable tissue. When travelling, use alcohol-based wipes to disinfect these surfaces, and wipe them as often as necessary.


Inside your car, use a cloth dipped in a liquid soap or shampoo and water solution to clean door and centre console armrests, display screens, cupholders, air conditioner vents, door grab handles and gear lever. Disinfect with sanitiser.

To clean touchscreens, use a soft cleaning cloth or microfiber made slightly damp with water.

Seats and upholstery

Use the same soap and water solution to clean steering covers, trims, seat covers, booster seats and upholstery made from fabric, leather or imitation leather.

After cleaning, disinfect by spraying any alcohol-based sanitiser, and then wiping off with a cloth, taking care to spray away from electronic parts, display screens and touchscreens, stereo and interior parts that can be damaged by moisture.

Do not use materials like bleach, hydrogen peroxide, ammonia-based cleaning agents and glass cleaners for interiors.

Even if you follow most of these instructions, the pandemic has heightened the need for stricter car hygiene standards. Set a reminder to clean and disinfect your car at the soonest, and certainly before your next trip in it.

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