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Disengage: Epic video of SpaceX Starlink mission

SpaceX recently sent 60 more internet satellites into orbit and filmed the event in stunning detail from the launch vehicle’s nose cone.

Barely five days after pulling off a historic mission that launched NASA astronauts on a flight to the International Space Station, SpaceX lit up the skies again on June 4 with the eight launch of Starlink broadband internet satellites. That payload included yet another batch of 60 micro-satellites (see picture), bringing their number close to 500 in orbit.

Starlink 60-satellite cluster
Image: SpaceX

The mission will see many more launches until the Starlink constellation is complete with a staggering 12,000 satellites that will provide broadband coverage at a near-global scale within the next two years, and perhaps mess with stargazers’ view of the night sky.

What we’re talking about is not the launch itself, but incredible footage of the moment showing the rocket splitting up that SpaceX released on June 10. Titled ‘Starlink fairing deploy sequence’, the spectacular footage was captured by a camera mounted on the ‘fairing’ or nose cone of the Falcon 9 rocket that delivered the satellites into orbit.

The brief but awe-inducing video shows the nose cone of the Falcon 9 split in half and the two rocket pieces disengage and fall back to Earth. It’s the kind of view only high-quality movie CGI can create, except this is the real thing. Take a look.

Video credit: SpaceX via Twitter

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