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Dance-off with your kids

Get ready to battle with your kids; err dance battle that is! Dancing is a great way to destress, burn up some calories and in general have fun being goofy!

Now for a great Dance-Off battle, a few rules need to be followed. 

  1. Sort out a playlist. Music is the key ingredient for a successful dance battle. We have some go-to tracks listed below and some Spotify playlists that will get you into the groove.
  2. An open space. Make some room, move some furniture around so that we don’t accidentally hurt ourselves.
  3. Dance in a circle initially to get into the mood. When the opportunity strikes, someone has to jump into the middle and perform a crazy solo dance move. You can also use dice and have a number correspond to a dance move. Roll the dice and perform the move! We have some dance styles listed below.
  4. When you are done with your dance moves, point to the next family member to jump in and take your place.
  5. Take it up a notch by doing a duo performance. Just tag that family member and try your best-synchronised dance moves for bonus points! 

Now music is subjective, so please feel free to choose your playlist. The tracks below have always worked for us in our house. 


  1. Walking on Sunshine – Katrina and the Waves
  2. House of Fun – Madness
  3. Dancing on the Ceiling – Lionel Richie
  4. Uptown Funk – Mark Ronson Ft Bruno Mars
  5. Footloose – Kenny Loggins
  6. 24k Magic – Bruno Mars
  7. Can’t Stop the Feeling – Justin Timberlake
  8. Shake it Off (Sing Soundtrack)
  9. I like to move it – Will.I.Am
  10. Happy – Pharrell

Dance Moves

Here are some fun dance moves to get you into the spirit. Warning, these are seriously corny but extremely fun!

The Shopping Cart

The Lawnmower

The Sprinkler

The Robot

The Carlton

The Floss

By Dinesh Lalvani

Programmer. Designer. Tinkerer. Messer. Entrepreneur. Husband. Father. Love challenges, hate sitting still, trying to make a difference in a small way.

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