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Dance like no one’s watching!

It’s time to get off that couch and shake that booty! No couch potatoes here, we want you to dance your socks off!

Put on your glad rags, or dance in your pj’s – it doesn’t matter because nobody’s watching!

Get that Friday feelin’ at home, put on your favourite music to dance to and shake that booty all around the room.

Key benefits of dancing

Dancing is one of the most fun, stress-busting ways to let off steam and let go of the pressures of the day. It also helps tone our bodies and keep us active at home during the lockdown. With the current restrictions in place, it’s easy to put on a few pounds as we are at home more and some of us are probably comfort eating too.

Try keep up!

Need some motivation? Then this video is bound to get you going.

Get ready for this!
Source: YouTube

So remember – dance like nobody’s watching every day and you’ll be feeling much more energetic and positive. It’s a win, win!

Looking for inspiration?

Check out the Ultimate dance playlist on Spotify or Best Dance Music 2020. Or if a step back to the 80 gets you dancing your socks off, then so be it. You’re bound to find that tune that you just HAVE to go crazy to.

Have fun and let yourself go!

Go all 80’s!

By Ciara Foskin

Hi! I've been creating content for many years for all sorts of companies, big and small! I enjoy writing the odd poem in my spare time and am an avid music fan, karaoke enthusiast, food lover and adventurer

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