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Create epic throwbacks

Young me, older me. Recreate old photo scenes and have lots of fun doing it!

Do you remember the photo where you and your siblings were all caught up in a game of Twister on the floor, feet in faces and bums in the air? See where we’re going with this yet?

That’s right, we want YOU to recreate that scene all over again, just with everyone a bit (or a lot) older this time. Bring the kids in on it too.

Ways to recreate an old photo

Outfits, facial expressions, and poses that we think are cute when children do them in photos don’t look quite right as adults.

  1. Flip through old photo albums. Pick a photo that shows at least one parent and two or more siblings doing something together.
  2. Talk everyone through the photo i.e. what the atmosphere was like, where you were and how you all felt at the time).
  3. Dress up in similar clothing. Try to find outfits that mirror what you wore back then. If you can’t find the same clothes, wear the same colours.
  4. Stage the same poses. Look at what you were doing in the photo; were you hugging your sibling tightly or doing funny things behind their back without them knowing?
  5. Mimic the same facial expressions. This bit can be quite hilarious, especially pulling faces as a kid but now doing as an adult. The results can be quite amusing!
  6. Consider the background and props. What was in the photo. Try to create a similar backdrop.

Say cheese -again!

Once you have everyone in their places, smile and say cheese. Once you’re done, why not print it and post it to your family, or WhatsApp it to them? A nice bit of nostalgia warms the heart.

Watch this

These adults had lots of fun recreating old family photos. Check out the video below for some laughs.

Source: YouTube

Look at what these guys did

These adults did a pretty awesome job of re-creating their old photos. Check them out here

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