Confident in Colour Express Yourself!

Colour! It’s natures mood booster, yet why do so many of us choose to live in black and white, with a touch of beige?

At an early age I took control of my wardrobe, my mother used to complain that I changed outfits 3 times a day! Well, I had to dress for school, then for after school activities and then to meet my friends in the evening, drove my mother bananas, with 6 children I only added to the laundry pile (but I did help by doing the ironing, of which I have fond memories!).

I woke to the benefits of wearing color early and it has always featured in my life of outfits. But I know wearing color doesn’t come easy for some people, even if you embrace colours in other areas of life. I know people are afraid of standing out too much if they wear color and sometimes they aren’t sure how to wear color.

Firstly, lets look at why you should wear some color:

Colour brightens your mood, energises and motivates you

Try being in a bad mood when you’re wearing colors, it’s practically impossible!

Colour brings delight to those around you.

Not only will wearing color brighten your mood, but it will also brighten the world around you. You’ll be surprised by how many people will smile simply because of your colorful outfit.

Colour sends a message.

Are you familiar with the psychology of color? Color psychology is the study of how colors affect your behavior, mood and impression on others. Below is a list of key colors and their corresponding traits, which color is your favorite?

Suffice it to say that what you wear speaks loudly and clearly on your behalf! So, think about your messaging before you get dressed in the morning.

Colour is a great conversation starter.

“Where’d you get that purse?” “Oh I love those shoes!” These are just a few of the compliments and conversation starters you’re likely to get when you wear more color!

And finally, colour is downright fun!

So, how do you add a touch of colour into your outfit?

Start small, a bag, pair of shoes or a scarf, gain confidence with a pop of colour.  You can mix and match these very easily with your neutral wardrobe.

Then work your way up to wearing a colorful t-shirt or skirt

Orange shirt with blue denim skirt and gold clutch bag

Then finally go all out for the love of colour.  

Red leather jacket, colourful print scarf and converse sneakers

Trust me, wearing colour will only have a positive impact on your day. So what are you waiting for, go ahead and express yourself!

In my next article, I will look at how you can create a colour capsule wardrobe, looking at how to mix and match colours and patterns.

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