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Challenge accepted!

Skill, strength, ability and fun. Take on a challenge and win! is throwing you a challenge: a test of skill, strength, ability or ingenuity to perform a fun and sometimes tough task once a week, every week. Accept a challenge, complete the task, send us proof, then cross your fingers!

Winners get cool prizes and even cooler merchandise. Not to mention, bragging rights for your all-conquering self!

Challenge #1: Plank song challenge

How hard can it be to hold a tune while holding up your body on arms and toes? To find out, download the app and accept the challenge. Then post a video of yourself singing as you do a plank.


By Dinesh Lalvani

Programmer. Designer. Tinkerer. Messer. Entrepreneur. Husband. Father. Love challenges, hate sitting still, trying to make a difference in a small way.

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