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Bring alive an iconic album cover with a homemade re-creation

When it comes to album covers, some are as iconic as the music itself. Here’s you shot at recreating the iconic your way.

What happens when an imaginative mind meets a memorable music album? Bells toll and sparks fly! Wrong answer. Right answer: an album cover gets recreated. At least that’s what we’d like you to do for our latest, the Album cover challenge.

Wipe the dust off your classic album collection, bring out your modern-day hits, and pick an album cover to re-create at home. It’s not that hard. Some used a banana (The Velvet Underground), others framed a burning candle in a corner (Sonic Youth – Daydream Nation), and yet others put noodles and a chopping board to good use (Joy Division – Unknown Pleasures). Enough inspiration?

Image source: Instagram

Everything you need for this special project is somewhere in your house. Look for it, use your imagination, get cracking. The challenge opens June 4 and closes June 30.

We promise the effort will be worth your while with these fabulous prizes on offer.

Push™ Ultra True Wireless Earbuds

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Play your best music! Moldable ear hooks provide a comfortable, unshakable fit, while Stay-Aware lets you hear more of your surroundings. With built in touch controls and 40 hours of battery.

The Self-Care Goody Box: A Gift Like No Other

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A specially curated self-care Goody Box by Gaggler! The Gaggler Self-Care Goody Box is brimming with luxurious cleansing, exfoliating and nourishing products from two of our favourite beauty brands – SACHAJUAN and MOR.

GFX one-month unlimited membership

GFX one-month unlimited prize

Unlimited fitness classes for an entire month with GFX – a premier group fitness club in Downtown Dubai. We meet your fitness and weight loss goals in the most thrilling way possible! GFX brings to you 150+ extensive group fitness classes per week. Come discover fitness with us in the most fun way!

Deetox Love Doodle Hoodie

There’s also the very exclusive hoodie for those who won’t make it to number one but do enough to impress us.

Entry to the competition is easy. Accept the challenge by sharing a photo / video of your album cover on Instagram and tag @deetoxtoday and @thegaggler

Download our app for your Android or iPhone, go to the Challenges tab, tap Album Cover Challenge, for more information.

If you’re looking for tips on how to do an album cover the TikTok way, look no further.

By Romeo Coutinho

Rationalist, truth seeker, full time writer, part time dreamer.

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