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Be creative, draw a picture.

Time to take out those pencils and carve out some time for YOU. Drawing rocks!

Doodle, sketch or paint the time away. Getting creative boosts positivity and mood and it’s a really, nice way to pass a few hours during lockdown. Do it with the kids or as an activity alone. And remember, you don’t have to be good at drawing to enjoy it. The more you practice, the better you’ll get. Promise!

Drawing goes a long way

They don’t call it art therapy for nothing. Drawing actually helps us to map out mental images of the world and allows us to express how we are feeling when words just don’t cut it. Colour also has an impact on our mental health and can help our mood. Being present in the moment is also another benefit, focusing on one activity and allowing your mind to be free of worry. More on the benefits of art here

Learn to sketch

You don’t need to do an amazing the first time round, but there are lots of free lessons online to help get you started. If it’s your first time sketching, maybe check out this post on How to Sketch – very easy to follow for beginners. There is no one way of starting to draw, do what feels natural for you.

Things to practice

Get used to drawing some basic things. You’ll master them in no time!

  • draw curly hair – get used to squiggles
  • clouds and sky – look out your window for inspiration
  • sketch some fruit – check out the fruit bowl in the kitchen
  • sketch an eye – eye spy!
  • draw a mouth – purse those lips
  • draw your tabby cat – stripes all the way
  • sketch a tree – branch out

Top drawing apps

There are lots of good drawing apps for you to enjoy sketching with friends and family. is a really good one (online multiplayer drawing game) as is Autodesk Sketchbook which has lots of drawing tools and brushes to experiment with. Adobe Photoshop Sketch packs a punch with pretty amazing drawing tools and it’s free to download too. Another app worth downloading is Artflow. Most of these apps offer free versions, well worth checking out.

Above all, have fun and relax…

By Ciara Foskin

Hi! I've been creating content for many years for all sorts of companies, big and small! I enjoy writing the odd poem in my spare time and am an avid music fan, karaoke enthusiast, food lover and adventurer

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