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Accepting our Album cover challenge? Here’s help.

The album cover challenge is coming soon and we’re tipping you on how to win it!

The Album cover challenge is coming Deetox from June 4, and in case you missed the announcement, we dropped a few clues to making your own album cover re-creation.

Get inspired

Have you decided yet on an album cover to recreate? If you have, hang on till June 4 when the challenge starts and ends June 30, which gives you a month to design and submit your entry.

If you can’t wait, it may be a good idea to get a headstart with these inspirations. We’ve put together a gallery of re-created album covers that participants of other album cover challenges have attempted, and earned recognition. But recognition is not the only thing you could win, there’s a line up of fabulous prizes too. Take a look at these brilliant entries starring families, dolls, household objects, outrageous costumes and corn on the cob!?

Start with a clean slate

They’re some of the most iconic album covers in the history of music, as famous as the artists whose music they encased, and one of them could be your ticket to victory.

Stay tuned to the Album cover challenge. We’ll be revealing the prizes soon, and there’s more challenge buzz coming your way.

Meanwhile, the Paper toss challenge passed you by, and we’re preparing to announce the winners. If you don’t want to miss another challenge, keep visiting website or the app, or stay in touch via our social media pages.

By Romeo Coutinho

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