5 Best Videochat Apps to stay connected during Quarantine!

Deetox.coms top picks for the best group video calling apps detailing out a few pros and cons of each.

In an attempt to beat Coronavirus; we have adopted the WFH (Work from Home) culture, and with it all the benefits of working remotely. Trying to connect with a remote team or hang out with friends or drop in on your grandparents has never been easier thanks to the number of video calling apps that are available today.

Listed below are Mumbaikar.coms top picks for the best group video calling apps detailing out a few pros and cons of each. 


First, on our list is the well-known Microsft owned application: Skype. The name has been around for so long now that the first thought on hearing the words ‘Video Calling App’ is Skype. Skype provides a lot for free. Like, it allows a meeting duration of 4 hours per session and a maximum video meeting size of 50. These benefits come with conditions. One where the user must download the application first then set up a Skype account and further manually add the contacts they wish to add to the Video Call. This process is time-consuming and energy-draining but convenient for those who are already aware of its functioning and don’t feel the need to spend bucks merely for a video calling application. Although there is a paid Skype Business plan, we have better alternatives listed below!


Zoom has been gaining preference for official video calls and work meetings, especially now that we are all quarantined and need to manage the teams and finish the tasks outside offices. It provides an excellent package of benefits both for paid and free subscribers alike. From screen sharing to breakout rooms with the convenience of recording meetings. Along with video calls for up to 3 people can be carried out for as long as 40 minutes. Inviting people to your Video meet can be done by sharing a link or by sharing the 10-digit personal meeting ID. The paid version will allow 100 participants and an unlimited meeting length. Zoom is a perfect application if you are looking to have work video calls. But, if you are looking for video calling applications that will serve the purpose of both work video calls and socializing then our next app is the best match!

Google Hangouts

Firstly, there are two versions of the application: one, for the enterprise- Hangouts Meet and another for the consumers- Hangouts Chat. Now, a G Suite subscription is mandatory to get access to Hangouts Meet. But this application is truly seamless and allows us to connect with up to 250 people at a time. While its free version allows 25 people to communicate at a time. Which works well for small scale enterprises or individual teams. Now coming to Hangouts Chat; this application is fun to use with its flavour of GIFs, stickers, and emojis. This application too needs the host to set up a Google account, and you need to share an invitation or link for others to join in. If you are looking for a friendly application that is free from inviting and link sharing, then you will like the next app.


Houseparty is the hassle-free Video Calling application that will give you a great experience. The best feature is that you can readily join in an ongoing house party. No more sending invites and sharing links! Doesn’t that sound cool? To make it even more impressive; the creator added games like Quick Draw, Head’s Up and Quizzes. Although this application works comparatively better as a mobile application rather than a desktop application. So, for fun and socializing; Houseparty is your go-to application.


Exclusively for Apple device users, Facetime undoubtedly has some features not to be missed. It is easy to use and allows up to 32 participants on a Video Call. If you want a one-to-one conversation, then open their contact and press the FaceTime option. You can even record your FaceTime calls when using a Mac. You can transform your face into an Animoji or create live photos or add filters and stickers. It is as easy as it sounds!

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