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3 hacks to keep your wardrobe organised

Don’t go off the rails just yet! Go through your clothes, bag what you don’t want and admire the rest.

Nobody is a big fan of cleaning out old clothes and re-arranging your wardrobe but it’s doesn’t have to be a huge ordeal! Check out these handy tips below to have your wardrobe looking nice and fresh.

Clothes on hangars

First things first, work from the top down. Go through all those old shirts, dresses, jeans, pants and whatever else you have. Only keep what you really want, put the rest in a bag you can donate to a local clothes bank or charity shop. Now you’re ready to start saving some space for any new potential clothes.

1 – Shoe Storage

An over the door pocket organizer is a perfect solution to save some space with your shoes and keep them organized at the same time. They vary in different sizes and a relatively cheap so you should be able to find one to suit your needs depending on how many pairs of shoes you have.

2 – Pants Hangers

Hangers with clips are really useful for hanging pants, skirts and jeans but they can be expensive, luckily there is an easy way to make your own. Simply get two clothespins and add them to the hanger as shown below. Make sure to fold your clothes in half so that fabric is thick enough for the clothespins to grab if it slip out. Good hangers make all the difference.

Hanger with clips

3 – Labeled Bins

Storage Boxes

This is easily the biggest space saver. Use these bins to store seasonal items you’re not currently wearing. When the time comes swap them around. You can also use them for storing hats, bags and other accessories than you might not use as frequently.

Make the most of the wardrobe space you have; get started today and you’ll be wondering how you lived without these tips before!

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