11 times DIY haircuts didn’t cut it

The pandemic has created DIY haircut fails like there’s no tomorrow. Presenting a collection of probable winners, if there were a prize for the proverbial “losing your hair”.

With barbershops and salons shut in the era of pandemic lockdowns, many with a talent (or lack of it) for wielding a pair of scissors on the mane are treating us to DIY haircut disasters. Keep reading, keep smiling.

1. When you fathered a 5-year old prodigy for this exact moment.

2. Can’t tell who’s the victim here. Can you?

3. The meek shall inherit the earth and the brave shall get a haircut.

4. The shortest DIY haircut of our times?

5. Know the feeling of being light-headed? Here’s what it looks like.

6. Together, husbands and wives make incredible achievements. Not this time.

7. 101 Uses For Upturned Salad Bowls – #1

8. Why oh why?

9. The DIY haircut contagion’s first canine victim. (W)oof!

10. Him: Gimme a haircut.

Lawnmower: With pleasure.

11. The winner left us speechless. Your turn.

By Romeo Coutinho

Rationalist, truth seeker, full time writer, part time dreamer.

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